Surprise Care FAQs

What if I only want to be seen for a one time visit?
We will be seeing patients for a “one-time” visit. The cost is $110 (does not include any testing or medications)

* Prices may vary if there are diagnostic tests completed.

What is Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine?

Direct Primary Care or (DPC) is the solution to the long wait times often seen with the typical primary care physician clinic. For those patients with astronomically high deductibles, DPC is taking a proactive approach to caring for those primary care needs by being accessible to the members we serve. The DPC model combined with catastrophic medical insurance is far more cost effective than having to use urgent care for routine primary care needs.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

Here at Surprise Care- We do not have long term contracts with our members.

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home or on vacation?
At Surprise Care there is value in knowing that if you are away from home and find you are missing your medications your “doctor” is just a text message away from solving your problem!
Does Surprise Care take Insurance?
No. Surprise Care wants to dedicate their time taking care of patients, not insurance companies. When medical offices choose to bill insurance, the additional paperwork that goes along with billing insurance keeps the provider from spending time with patients. For this reason, you and your provider make the decisions about your healthcare, not third party insurance companies. Because Surprise Care chooses not to bill insurance we can then offer our patients wholesale prices on lab tests, medications, and imaging.
What kind of patient would benefit from a direct patient care medical model?
ANY patient that desires a personal relationship with their provider! But specifically those patients with: No insurance, Medishare programs, High deductible insurance plans, Health Sharing Plans, Major Medical Coverage and/or Catastrophic Insurance Plans. Some insurance companies encourage the use of DPC clinics for example Liberty Share.