Minor Illness & Injury Treatment in Surprise AZ

Minor Illness Injury Treatment Surprise

We all know minor illnesses and injuries can occur from time to time. We also know there is nothing more frustrating than trying get an appointment with a primary care and the quickest they can get you in is a couple days from now…

At Surprise Care, our goal is to redefine the way people view medicine. We offer three convenient ways to connect with your provider: Online with our Virtual Medicine portal, Over the phone, or at our Clinic in Surprise! Here are some of the illnesses and injuries we can treat:

Allergy Symptoms

  • We keep various prescription medications on-site for immediate relief!


  • We offer everything from breathing treatments, inhalers, and prescription medications on-site!


  • We offer in-clinic antibiotic treatment, breathing treatments, and referrals to imaging partners.

Earache/Ear Infection

  • We help patients with everything from ear wick antibiotic placement, ear wax removal, and more.

Flu-like symptoms

  • We offer on-site tests for Influenza!


  • We offer on-site testing for mono! In addition, we provide supportive treatment, including any documentation needed for physical activity restrictions.

Motion Sickness Prevention

  • Traveling anytime soon? We carry various motion sickness treatment medications to keep your trip headed in the right direction!

Minor Eye Injury/Illness

  • We can treat Pink Eye, Styes, and foreign body removal.

Sinus Infection

  • Do you suffer from chronic sinus infections? We have a treatment plan for you! Give our office a call and schedule your appointment today.

Sore Throat / Strep Throat

  • We offer in-clinic testing to provide our patients the right treatment the first time! We carry many antibiotics on site so you can start the road to recovery.

Upper Respiratory Infection

  • Not sure if you have bad allergies or could it be an upper respiratory infection? We offer in-clinic breathing treatments, antibiotics, & more!

Urinary Tract / Bladder Infection

  • We can do in-clinic urine tests, labs, and can start a comprehensive treatment plan to get you back on your feet!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

  • In our Surprise clinic, we can conduct PAP/Pelvic exams, skin tests, comprehensive labs, and treatment plans.