Women’s Health in Surprise, AZ

Women 2019s Health surprise az

At Surprise Care we provide you and your family as a priority with personalized healthcare and accessible medical providers.

We offer everything from well women care to menopause, keeping you healthy through all stages of your life. We offer services and treatments from HPV, birth control, cervical cancer screening, and in office procedures.

Through all stages of your life you learn how your body works and the importance of keeping it healthy. An important way to staying on top of your health is having regular gynecological exams starting at age 21 and then every 3 years after that as long as they are normal. At Surprise Care we know it can be intimidating to get your woman exam done but be assured we will take extra time to help you understand, what to expect, and make you as comfortable as possible during exams.

For your gynecological exam there are a few different steps you will go through. First is the breast exam, this is where we check for abnormal lumps or growth. It is also important for you to perform monthly self-breast exams at home, we can teach you how. Second part is the pelvic exam where your health care provider will examine your internal pelvic organs, this can feel uncomfortable but should not cause pain. Th next step is an important part called the pap test where you are checked for abnormal cells in your cervix that could be cancer causing.

If you are wanting to get pregnant, we can perform a pregnancy evaluation with an OB referral. We also have you covered for your birth control necessities with contraception prescriptions within our on-site pharmacy.

Whether you need help with birth control, cervical cancer screening, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and menopause Surprise Care has you covered.